The Journey Begins!

     Congratulations! You are going to have a BABY! From the moment your baby is conceived, everything about who you are changes. You have instantly changed from woman to mother.   

      In that moment that precious little life is dependent upon you and the choices you make. Some of those choices will seem simple and easy. Other choices will require much research, contemplation, hard work and sometimes even tears. 

     Making the right choice often means that you will be making a decision that others will question and not understand. Ultimately, it is you and your child that reap the benefits of all your efforts.

     I challenge you to put aside what you think you know about pregnancy and birth. Truly educate yourself on what a healthy pregnancy and postpartum look like. Then finally enjoy the pure joy that comes from birthing your baby, YOUR WAY!

Personally Cared

Each appointment is centered around what is happening with you and your pregnancy.

Safe and Experienced

We are continuously learning, and training to provide you the care you deserve.

​Your body, Your baby, Your birth!

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It is an honor to walk along side you as you travel this sacred journey into becoming a family. 


Family Centered

Family members, children and those that are important to you are always welcome at your appointments. 

Community  Centered

Our office is a meeting place for several mom and breastfeeding groups. 

Upcoming Events

     Events will resume after covid

First Wednesday each Month
Breastfeeding support
10:00–11:45 a.m.​

Third Wednesday each Month

Moms  support group


Second Tuesday of the Month

Meet the midwife

5:00pm–6:30 p.m