Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength."

                 Barbara Katz Rothman

During her apprenticeship she trained under 5 different midwives. She completed her training in 2013 and is now certified as a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife). She continues to pursue more education as she is currently attending a MEAC accredited bridge program. Dianne also serves her sister midwives as President Of AIMM (Association of Independent Midwives of Maryland).

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Welcome from Dianne

Dianne has been married to her husband Bill since 1994. Together they have 6 children. She began her career when in 1994 she started working at a local hospital in Labor and Delivery. During that time she also trained as a doula and childbirth educator. After taking a few years off, she returned to the birth work in 2010 and began a Midwifery Program and in 2011 an apprenticeship.

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Elyana Verkley, Student Midwife

Paige is currently a student midwife at The National College of Midwifery. She is a trained birth assistant and birth doula certified through Birth Arts International. She Prior to birth work, Paige was a psychiatric nurse for 8 years, where she took pride in giving non-judgmental care, being a strong advocate for patient rights, and teaching clients supportive coping techniques that they could utilize during difficult times. An activist for informed birth choices, Paige is a facilitator for the Birth Circle of Baltimore and teaches mindfulness-based childbirth classes.

Paige Barocca, Student Midwife

Dianne Sellers LD, CBE, CPM, LDEM

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​                Woman to Mother!

Congratulations! You are going to be MOM!
 From the moment your baby is conceived, everything about who you are changes. You have instantly changed from woman to mother!

In the moment that you become a mother, that little life is dependent upon  you and the choices you make.  Some of those choices will seem simple and easy, yet others will require much research, contemplation,
hardwork and sometimes even tears.
Making the right choice often means that you will be making a decision that others will question and not understand. Ultimately though, it is you and your child that will live with the joys and benefits of your research and hardwork. 

I challenge you as you begin your journey into motherhood, put aside what you think you know about pregnancy and birth. Truly educate yourself on what a healthy pregnancy looks like, and the pure joy that comes from birthing your baby, YOUR WAY!

   Welcome to the amazing world of   

            Motherhood !