Sacred Journey Birthing Services

Sacred Journey Birthing Services offers a variety of birth related services. With the realization that EVERY woman should be able to have the basic human right to choose where and with whom they will birth, we offer FAMILY centered evidenced based care. We provide families with high quality care that is individualized for each family unit, respecting that each person in the family is important to a successful experience. Prenatal care is offered in our new office as well as the comfort of your home.

*Child Birth Education                                   * Sibling Preparation

*Nutrition Education                                      *Breastfeeding Preparation

*Herbal and Homeopathic instruction           *Aromatherapy and Essential Oils 

*Home Birth Preparation                              *Family centered care

*Labor Support                                             *Home Birth Services  

*Breastfeeding Assistance                            *Newborn Care          

 *Postpartum Care of Mom and Baby through the first six weeks postpartum

*Referral list for Placenta encapsulation

*Insurance reimbursement through Essential Maternity Billing

Services Offered